Why Hire A Nutrition Coach?

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You might be asking yourself a couple of questions if you’ve gotten this far like: “Why should I hire a nutrition coach?” “Why should I hire YOU to help me?” “Why can’t I just get help from my doctor?” “How are you really going to help me?”

As your nutrition & fitness coach, I will be with you every step of the way. I can relate, share stories, failures, successes, tips and tricks, and be a real-life person to help you when you need it most, even remotely. You aren’t going to get that kind of support from your doctor in their allotted 10 minute window that you have in their sterile little exam room. Plus, Doctors typically are not required to go through much nutrition education during medical school. “In a 2016 study, researchers at Case Western Reserve University examined data from 25 family medicine, internal medicine and OB-GYN medical residency programs throughout Ohio: What they found is that these programs averaged 2.8 hours of instruction on obesity, nutrition, and physical activity counseling.” (https://health.usnews.com/wellness/food/articles/2016-12-07/how-much-do-doctors-learn-about-nutrition)

I will ask questions that make you think:

  • “If things were better with your eating/exercise, what would be different in your life? What would you do more of? Less of? Be proud of?”
  • “Imagine that you have the body and health you want. What did it take for you to achieve it? What did you have to give up?”

We will talk about what has worked in the past and how we can put that into your life now:

  • “What have you had success with in the past? How can we do more of that and apply it to your health and fitness?”

I will help you put your own foundation in place and acquire the skills you need to succeed in sustainable change for your lifetime. 

My name is Kristy Hanna, and I’d love to be your Certified Nutrition Coach. If you’re ready to improve your nutrition, the first step is to Book Your Consultation.

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Kristy Hanna
Kristy Hanna

Kristy Hanna is a 4x certified Nutrition and Fitness Coach. She creates long-term solutions that work for busy people, providing transparency & support, without the BS.

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