Weight Loss is a Rollercoaster Ride

Weight and fat loss is a rollercoaster ride for many. Our weight typically fluctuates so much and is just constantly up and down and all around. You may have heard all of this before, but a lot of that has to do with water retention, salty foods, intense workouts, hormones, bloating, stress, sleep or lack thereof, etc. I like to rely more on how I feel or how my clothes fit. I’ve been telling people more and more these days to quit relying on the scale so much.

Does it help to know where you’ve started weight-wise on your fitness or weight/fat loss journey? Of course it does. But you should not obsess what those numbers are day in and day out (trust me, it’s not fun). Plus if you’ve started a workout or fitness routine and are adding muscle to your frame then you’ll see the scale move much less because muscle is more dense than fat. You WILL see changes in your body and how your clothes fit if you stay consistent.

Stop comparing your journey to others journeys also. Everyone is so different. Plus if someone has 75 pounds to lose and another has 12 pounds to lose, that person that has more to lose will lose it quicker. We all need to learn to quit comparing our stories and journeys to everyone else’s.


Also, in case nobody has told you today, you have a nice ass. Have a great day!

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Kristy Hanna
Kristy Hanna

Kristy Hanna is a 4x certified Nutrition and Fitness Coach. She creates long-term solutions that work for busy people, providing transparency & support, without the BS.

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