Tips For Meal Planning For Just One Person

Even if you have a family, you won’t necessarily be meal planning for everyone in the home. Meal prepping for one person can be tricky and frustrating but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Let’s talk about some tips that can make meal planning work great when you’re only cooking for one:

  • Just go for smaller portions. It can often feel like meal planning isn’t going to work for you when you’re not cooking bigger batches for multiple people but the trick is to get a bit more creative. Adapt recipes to suit the smaller portions. This may involve switching up the number of ingredients and even the cook time to compensate for the changes.
  • Portion out meat as soon as you get home. Stash individual portions of meat in the freezer ready for when you need it. On the day you’ll be using some of it, you can just take the one portion out. Super easy!
  • Use a base that works across lots of meals. Meats like chicken and beef as well as grains can be easily used as a versatile base for heaps of meals. Cook up a batch and choose recipes that incorporate them. This is great for reducing waste when you’re just cooking for yourself. You can easily prep a bunch of meals with fairly minimal effort, without getting bored.
  • Go for recipes that can be easily repurposed. Some recipes really lend themselves to being eaten again for lunch the next day and this can be super convenient when you’re meal prepping for one.
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Kristy Hanna
Kristy Hanna

Kristy Hanna is a 4x certified Nutrition and Fitness Coach. She creates long-term solutions that work for busy people, providing transparency & support, without the BS.

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