Transformations & Testimonials

Mary G
Nutrition Coaching Client

Before I started the Fit To You Program, I wanted to be healthier and make better food choices.

Since joining, I’ve been able to track my food without feeling like it was a chore.

My favorite part of the program has been learning how much to eat and the timing of fueling my body.

If you’re considering working with Kristy, do this so you can have a healthy relationship with food. You’ll learn to fuel your body and time it with your workouts.

You will retrain your brain to understand it’s okay to eat or go on vacation every now and then, and then come back to your ‘normal’ eating.

Your body will thank you and you will feel better with the clean eating.

Before working with Kristy, I was struggling with negative eating habits.

Thanks to her program and her attention to detail, I’ve lost 20+ pounds and finally have normal eating habits!

If you’re on the fence about working with Kristy, just do it. Your body will thank you.

Katie M
Nutrition Coaching & Fitness Training Client

Zach G
Nutrition Coaching Client

Nutrition was the missing piece in my training and I wanted to get a better handle on it.

Working with Kristy, I learned to focus on eating habits rather than a specific diet. I made a few changes at a time and it was a more sustainable approach to revamping my nutrition.

Kristy was great to work with and has a very realistic approach to her nutrition coaching. The tips and advice will help you make a lasting, positive change in your health for years to come.

While on the program, I lost 13 pounds and since then, I’ve maintained that weight loss without having to count every macro.

I used to struggle with having enough energy to get through the work day and my workouts and I would rely on an obscene amount of caffeine. If I felt stressed, I would skip meals, which ultimately lead to overeating at night.

I loved how accessible all the resources were, and how Kristy helped me adjust my goals and calorie intake based on my needs. I also enjoyed learning more about the roles carbohydrates, fats and proteins have. It’s helped me embrace incorporating carbs into my meals especially, instead of feeling guilty after I eat them. 

I have tried weight watchers, but I liked this program more because I learned a lot about nutrition and I was able to talk to Kristy one-on-one throughout. It was also personalized to me and my level of activity. It also gave me better ideas of portion control and how to monitor my calorie intake without needing an app on my phone. 

Sitting down and articulating exactly what my goals are in terms of food and which foods I’m willing to substitute for healthier alternatives made the entire process feel much more natural and achievable. Instead of telling myself, “I won’t eat pasta,” or “I shouldn’t eat that chocolate,” I have focused on what I CAN and WANT to eat, and how to incorporate the tastes and types of food I already enjoy into my diet. 

I’m now meal prepping consistently every week! I know more about healthy fats and carbs that I actually enjoy. I feel like I have a better relationship with food overall.

Aubrey G
Nutrition Coaching Client

The expertise and guidance from Kristy was very motivating. She is very knowledgeable!

My sessions were awesome, I could tell Kristy put a lot of thought and time into each of my workouts.

I know people are very skeptical about working out at home, but I couldn't wait to do it and report back to her.

It was fun and I was able to see results in the 8 weeks that I did it.

Virginia T
Fitness Training Client

Kristy’s guidance through nutrition and exercise has made a huge difference in my life.

I have had knee and shoulder issues through getting older with wear and tear.

She has influenced me to change my diet and do exercises which make me feel better than I can ever remember..

I highly recommend you give Kristy a call. You will not be disappointed.

David H
Nutrition Coaching & Fitness Training Client