Making Good Use Of Your Leftovers

One of the big benefits of meal planning involves cutting the food you waste in the average week. You can take that up a notch by making great use of leftovers.

Whenever you plan to make a certain recipe and need to use certain ingredients for it, get into the habit of thinking about what you’ll do with what isn’t used in the first recipe. If you’ve used cabbage and still have some left, it can be repurposed in stir-fries or slaw, for example.

Basically, it’s about being one step ahead and making the best use of everything you buy. Keep asking yourself: what else can I do with this? Can it be used as the basis of another meal or two? Doing this can be a game-changer for avoiding food waste and making your budget go as far as possible.

Making a little bit extra when you’re cooking gives plenty of scope for using the leftovers later in the week.

Another great tip for using up leftovers? Where possible, freeze them for another day. That way, they’re good even if you don’t get round to eating them the next day.  Because we don’t like to waste food, we have a whole arsenal of freezer leftovers to grab when we run out of freshly prepped meals. It’s so convenient!

Need a bit of inspiration for using leftovers? A few tips that can help include:

  • Tacos and enchiladas are a super easy way to use up veggies.
  • Veggies, beans, and proteins can bulk out soups.
  • Meats and veggies make great pizza toppings.
  • Quiches and frittatas are great options for leftover veggies.
  • Making extra helpings of quinoa or rice gives scope for making rice bowls and burrito bowls with leftovers veggies, beans, and proteins.

Until next time!

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Kristy Hanna
Kristy Hanna

Kristy Hanna is a 4x certified Nutrition and Fitness Coach. She creates long-term solutions that work for busy people, providing transparency & support, without the BS.

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