Eating Healthier At Restaurants

Do you struggle with picking healthier options at restaurants?

Here are a few tips on how to avoid that in the future:

  1. Order a salad with a lower fat dressing on the side and add lean protein and more fresh veggies. I.e. grilled chicken/fish with balsamic vinaigrette or oil and vinegar. Taco salads are another good way to go…hold the cheese, use salsa for the dressing and order it with chicken. You can get pretty creative with salads.  Just ask 🙂
  2. Order an entree with lean protein, veggie, and potatoes or another healthy carb source
  3. Get a pasta dish loaded with veggies and lean protein. Pick a red sauce instead of a more rich/fattening cream sauce
  4. If you’re going to drink alcohol stick with a light beer or vodka/rum/tequila with diet soda or seltzer and garnished with a lime or lemon and only have a couple 
  5. Skip out on the appetizers
  6. When your food comes out if it looks like it could feed 2-3 people(it probably can), then immediately put half in a to-go box for leftovers.
    Eat a small snack before you go out to eat if you’re absolutely beside yourself and hungry and don’t trust yourself to not grab at every piece of food you see.  

If you stick to these simple rules, you can still go out to eat and have great food and not feel like you’ve over-done it!

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Kristy Hanna
Kristy Hanna

Kristy Hanna is a 4x certified Nutrition and Fitness Coach. She creates long-term solutions that work for busy people, providing transparency & support, without the BS.

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